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From carnival to carnival, the closing of the festivities

From carnival to carnival, the closing of the festivities

Today the carnival of La Vega and tomorrow the National procession on the Malecón

The rich creativity of the masks and their baroque drawings characterizes the Dominican carnival.

The most colored, creative and merry festival that the people offer is the carnival.

This Saturday, La Vega, mistress of most famous and international Dominican carnival, will present its closing procession, in which will take part representations of carnivals of Aruba, Curaçao and Haiti, as well as groups of around fifty of Dominican localities, with the support of Luis Medrano Producciones.

Dominican Carnival  Dominican Carnival Dominican Carnival  Dominican Carnival

National procession

As the carnival is the Carnival, beyond the wind of Lent, the inhabitants of the capital will have the pleasure, on the Malecón this Sunday, starting from 16h00, to see the national Procession, with a total of 130 groups and a great concert of merengue, which will be retransmitted on Telemicro, channel 5, thanks to the sponsor of the Presidente Beer.

The final point of the period of the festivals of the carnival, will count in addition to the groups, on the procession of the traditional figures of the people of the island, from which some are coming from the last centuries.

The habits of the Dominican people, the creativity exposed through the masks, the colored clothes, the popular rhythms, will be the actors of this large procession, which will summarize all the season which occurred these last weeks.

The most known carnival groups meet this weekend in the same setting for the official closing of the season 2008.

This year, the procession is dedicated to the lechones of Santiago.

As an integral part of its promotional platform for these festivals, and as its support for this traditional activity shows it, Cerveza Presidente will retransmit on line the procession, from the green zone Presidente, which is in the center of the carnival.

The event will be retransmitted by Telemicro, channel 5, starting from 16h00, and will be animated by Tania Báez, Jochy Santos, Pamela Sued, Milton Cordero (Lechuga) and Edgar Hernández.

Concert of merengue

 Dominican Carnival   Dominican Carnival Dominican Carnival

New initiative of Presidente for this spectacular closing, a big concert of merengue and mambo will be given in the Malecón, by Tulile and Los Hermanos Rosario.

This one will take place in the Presidente podium, in crossing of the avenues George Washington and Máximo Gómez.

With this concert and the retransmission of the National Procession, Presidente closes in a formal way its platform of the carnival 2008, which offered to its consumers special offers during the month of February, and which revisited the most important carnivals of the country.

In addition to the Green Zones Presidente, a musical platform through which all the color and the freshness of the carnivals were taken along to some ones of the most attended bars of North and South zones was installed.

With the national procession, the Culture Ministry and the Dominican National Brewery formally close a season of carnival in which all the expressions and figures of these festivals were present.

With this platform, the name reaffirmed its engagement to the culture, the traditional festivals and events which draw the attention of the Dominican ones.

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